Sigma Announces a Dream-Spec Stills/Cinema Camera Out of Nowhere

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Sigma, who has made a big splash with affordable cine glass in the last few years, has just made a big splash with their new “pocketable” fp.

“Pocketable.” Full Frame. L-mount. 370 grams. Dustproof, splash-proof, and with a large heat sink for long continuous shooting.

24p 4K, 12-bit CinemaDNG RAW. From the start, the list of specs for the new fp camera from Sigma is very exciting for filmmakers who want a small camera capable of big images.

The standout feature here the small body with a large sensor. While there are other pocket-sized cameras out there (Blackmagic has named their small camera the pocket), they are usually built around the smaller MFT (micro four thirds) sensor size.

Sigma’s latest entry in the field is built around the increasingly popular “full-frame” sensor size

Ful-frame refers to the size of 35mm stills images. Of course, a larger sensor means more heat, which needs more cooling, so typically larger sensor cameras have been… well… larger.

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