What’s a Shooting Script and How Do You Create One?

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Congratulations, it’s time to roll camera, but not so fast, first you need a shooting script ready. But what’s a shooting script?

Writing a great screenplay is hard, but getting it ready for production is a challenge unto itself. There are lots of things you need to consider, like shot lists, call sheets, and script lining so you productions go more smoothly. To get all this ready, first, you need to create a shooting script.

But what’s a shooting script?

Today we’ll go over a few examples, at a rough template, and define shooting scripts for you and your crew.

Let’s go!

What is a shooting script?

A shooting script is the version of a screenplay used during the production of a motion picture or a television show. Shooting scripts are different from spec screenplays. They incorporate scene numbers and follow a well-defined set of procedures that specify how revisions to the screenplay are implemented and circulated among cast and crew.

Check out Christopher Nolan’s shooting script for Memento.

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