Chrome URL truncation is back, but better

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Last year, I reported how the Chrome browser had started to truncate URL prefixes (both the scheme/prefix and ALL subdomains). That time, the Chrome team got numerous vocal complaints — mainly because it had then truncated ALL subdomains (not just WWW). As a knee-jerk reaction, the Chrome team immediately did a full about face (instead of simply adjusting its level of subdomain truncation at that time). In other words, last year, the Chrome team ran away like a dog with its tail between its legs, until now. Both the scheme/protocol (and partial subdomain) truncation is fortunately back with Chrome 76. time, it’s still more severe than competing browsers, but less extreme as last year. Let’s see how this compares, why the Chrome team is less likely to get rocks thrown this time, plus my detailed observations.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • Protocol scheme (prefix) truncation
  • Subdomain truncation
  • My observations as a website creator/webmaster/consultant
  • My observations as an internaut (web consumer)


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