Recent updates – September 2019

This post is by Alex Baker from Digital Rebellion Blog

In case you missed it, here are some recent software updates for our products.

CinePlay 1.6.1Sep 4 2019

    •    IMPORTANT: This version is required to register the software and older versions will no longer register with our website. This doesn’t affect you if you’ve already registered it to your computer and only applies to new registrations.  
    •    Improved drop-frame timecode compatibility
    •    Improved memory usage
    •    Fixed several timecode issues that could occur when exporting files
    •    Fixed an issue where exported files could have no file extension if you deleted it from the filename
    •    Minor bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations

Kollaborate Encoder 1.4Aug 28 2019

Compatibility notes

  • See the installation guide for details on configuring the new document conversion feature

Changes in 1.4:

  • Support for converting documents to PDFs for Kollaborate Server 3.0’s Document file type
  • Better support for videos with non-square pixels
  • Improved audio track mapping if each track has more than one channel
  • Fixed an issue where the queue could stall
  • Stopped failing jobs from repeating over and over again
  • Many under-the-hood tweaks and improvements

Kollaborate Server 3.0Aug 28 2019

Compatibility notes:

  • Kollaborate Server now requires PHP 7.2 or higher
  • libav support has been removed – to switch to ffmpeg see the installation guide
  • We have significantly modified the default page style so you may need to tweak any custom styles you have created
  • The Messages feature has been removed

Server-specific features

  • Encoding Server information is now stored in the database and can be modified from the new Servers page in the Admin Area. Additionally, the step to add encoders during installation has now been moved after database setup.
  • Installer – Added a check for PHP open_basedir setting that could prevent Kollaborate Server from accessing the storage volume
  • Admin Dashboard: Support for manually clearing deleted files and projects
  • Admin Area – Only superadmins can see Servers, Config and Tools pages now

Changes in Kollaborate Server 3.0

  • Transcription – Add captions manually or import them from SRT/VTT files. (Automatic transcription is currently cloud-only and will be available to self-hosted customers in future as the feature matures.)
  • Redesigned UI with navigation bar on the left
  • New Document format displays Word, Excel, Powerpoint documents and PDFs directly in the browser and allows page-specific comments
  • Customizable file columns – Reorder, resize and hide file columns in Detail view on the Files page. You can also show additional columns like the number of comments and sort by these fields.
  • Advanced Search – More powerful searching based on combining parameters like title, description, width, transcript text, etc. Search within the current directory or across the entire project at once.
  • Image viewer – Zoom and pan across an image with more control. Draw annotations at any zoom level.
  • Version names – Give versions custom names like “Rough Cut” or “Fine Cut”
  • Comment attachments – Attach existing files to a comment or upload new files directly when creating a new comment. This is useful for directing people to specific files.
  • Share a folder directly from its file page
  • The page footer shows how many files / items are on a page
  • Uploads – Fixed an issue where uploads could be terminated if they took too long
  • Comments – Fixed an issue where replies could be sorted out of order
  • Comments – Adding a comment no longer relies on the user’s local clock being set to the correct time
  • Projects – Fixed an issue where muting a project could show a duplicate of the project in the Projects list
  • Files – Better support for files with non-square pixels
  • Files – Fixed an issue where video files could be detected as audio only
  • Projects – Restoring a deleted project now correctly recalculates the project’s total size
  • Usage – Fixed an issue where deleted files would show up on the Usage page
  • Alerts – When uploading a revision, subscribers of the old file are now automatically subscribed to the new one
  • Files – Support for MP2, MPA and JFIF formats
  • UI – Pages now show the number of items (files, workflows, tasks, etc) in the page footer
  • Player – Prev / Next buttons now take into account File page sorting
  • Player – Fixed an issue where subtitles wouldn’t disappear from a video when the relationship link is removed
  • Uploads – The current upload rate (MB/s) is now shown
  • Overhauled how login sessions work
  • History – Project history is now stored for up to 1 year
  • UI – Removed unnecessary/duplicated options from the top of the Files page
  • Uploads – Improved how Kollaborate Server deals with a storage drive that runs out of disk space
  • UI – Various optimizations to improve file drawing performance
  • UI – Prevented non-admins from seeing the Usage page
  • Various tweaks / improvements to Adobe panel view
  • Dashboard – Fixed incorrect task URLs
  • Dashboard – File titles are now resized to fit
  • Files – Loosened the permissions for creating aliases
  • Player – Hide cursor in full screen when UI is not showing
  • Player – Version dropdown now includes thumbnails
  • Files – Unimportant column data is now in a smaller font
  • Uploads – Fixed an issue with partial progress bars showing if a file uploads too quickly
  • Player – Support for rendering PDFs natively in the browser
  • Player – Info below the video is now a tabbed view
  • Share – Fixed an issue where the password wouldn’t be shown when creating an upload request link
  • API – Fixed an issue where deleted projects could be displayed within apps
  • Upload – Prevented upload links working with deleted projects
  • Tasks – Fixed an issue where searches wouldn’t persist when moving to a different page
  • Encoding – Randomized ordering of sending jobs to encoding servers to more efficiently split the load
  • Encoding – Fixed an issue where jobs not assigned to a server would get stuck in the queue even when encoders came back online again
  • Player – Fixed an issue where captions couldn’t be switched off on Chrome
  • History / Dashboard – Fixed some issues with displaying Unicode strings
  • Files – Fixed multiple downloads not working correctly on Chrome
  • Lots of under-the-hood tweaks and improvements

Pro Maintenance Tools 2.2.7Aug 8 2019

  • Corrupt Clip Finder – Fixed an issue where some files might get erroneously flagged up
  • Plugin Manager – Better support for running installer scripts that take a while or require user input
  • Updated Crash Analyzer definitions
  • Minor bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations