FCP X update and Mojave Menu Glitch

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As you all know by now, FCP X 10.4.7 is out. It’s a huge, mostly under the hood update resulting in a big performance boost on Mojave, and an insane performance boost on Catalina. Really great update, you can read all about it in the usual places πŸ˜‰

I did, however, run into a little issue that I wanted to share. Ya know, in case I’m not the only one… NOTE: this is a Mojave OS issue/conflict with some apps, including FCP 10.4.7 and VLC, Not an FCP X bug!Β 

Anyhoo, if you install 10.4.


and your OS menus completely freak out system wide when you launch FCP, here’s the fix… (from this VLAN Thread)

Open System Preferences -> Accessibility. Select displays, and make sure “Reduce transparency” is NOT selected. (note that selecting “increase contrast” will also select the transparancy box, so ya can’t have that on either.

I imagine not many people had this selected as I did, but if FCP X freaks out, this is the fix. Enjoy the update, it screams! πŸ™‚


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