First look: Saramonic SmartRig+ audio interfaces for USB-C or Lightning

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I just received review samples of the Saramonic SmartRig+ portable audio interfaces, which handle two channels, either XLR balanced or TRS unbalanced. Yes, they offer optional phantom power for the former and bias voltage (“plugin power”) for the latter. They feature a pair of surprisingly powerful preamps (even for dynamic mics), ADC (analog-to-digital converters) and DAC (digital-to-analog converters) for playback. The ADC can be set to allow for discrete 2-track recordings or to combine the two into a dual mono signal, more appropriate for live broadcast or live-to-drive, with little or no post-production. They use a are available for USB-C


The two models are as follows:

  • SmartRig+Di for many iOS devices with Lightning connectors for all current iPhone and iPod Touch models up to 2019, and all recent iPads except the iPad Pro 2018 (AmazonB&HSaramonic direct).
  • SmartRig+UC with USB-C for many Android, MacBookPro, other laptops and the iPad Pro 2018+ (AmazonB&HSaramonic direct).

In my upcoming review, you’ll learn everything I love about them and the only thing I’d improve. Be sure to be on my free mailing list to be notified when I publish it.

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