24 Directors From 15 Countries Team Up for ‘Tell Me’, A Portrait of Humanity in Isolation

This post is by Micah Van Hove from No Film School

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[Editor’s Note: This post was written by Rupert Clague and Micah Van Hove.]

We’re living in a time in which people are feeling so much, but have so few outlets to express it. All over the world, people find themselves isolated, overwhelmed, lonely, or afraid; forced into close quarters with partners, kids, strangers, or on their own.

In an effort to collect these thoughts and feelings, we’ve set up a series of voicemail boxes around the world. Over the past months, we’ve been encouraging people to call and leave messages with anything they might be feeling during the COVID-19 pandemic. These messages are to be brought together in a documentary film entitled Tell Me: a portrait of humanity in isolation.

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