Adapting as a Professional Photographer

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The real world is far from ideal. Circumstances can turn against you on the day you’d scheduled a shoot. Well, a simple solution might be to reschedule the shoot, right? But think about it, a day wasted is an opportunity lost. Would you rather work on a new project the next day or rework on the same project? If you want to be profitable as a professional photographer, it means being able to make the most of your time. Photographer Jason Lanier shares a moment of how he continued his work amidst heavy rainfall so that he didn’t have to

“Finding ways to get out there and shoot no matter what the conditions are, makes you a profitable photographer.”

Yes, shooting in good conditions are preferable. Good light, good conditions, and good locations make your work so much easier. But, what if something goes wrong? Rescheduling and re-shooting is such a waste of time, money, and other resources. It’s therefore always a better option to stop whining about how things are going against you, and instead looks for ways to make things work for you.

If it’s raining, see how you can make rain a part of your story telling. And of course, don’t forget to figure out ways to protect your gear. Is the light too harsh? Look around for shades. See if you can take some backlit shots. Does the location appear dirty? Why not get creative and make a theme around it.

In short, there’s always some kind of solution. Make an effort to look for it. Make the most of your time, and only then can you start being more profitable.

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