Film and Television are Merging, Here’s What You Need to Know

This post is by Jason Hellerman from No Film School

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Film and television are beginning to blend at a more rapid rate. What will the future hold?

The deeper we get into the pandemic, the sadder I get imagining a world where we never go to the movie theater or only go on special occasions. The one thing this time indoors has taught me is that having a large TV with an excellent soundbar is a must.

Especially if this is what the future holds.

The business is changing.

Streaming wars has taken to a whole new level, with Netflix trying to force the Academy’s hand on changing theatrical showcase rules and doing their best to change the industry.

Seeing movies like The Invisible Man and Trolls World Tour do gangbusters online changed a lot of perspectives. Maybe you don’t need to play in theaters if you can make money and entertain people dropping online.

And maybe that’s the future.

Check out the video from The Royal Ocean Film Society and let’s talk after.

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