How the Coens Wrote Their Neo-Western Masterpiece ‘No Country for Old Men’

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The writing of No Country for Old Men gave us memorable characters and a classic film.

When the Coen brothers talk, we listen, especially when it comes to the 2007 classic No Country for Old Men. It’s a movie about greed, America, manifest destiny, cowboys, and fate.

To call the film deep is to call the ocean wide.

We’ve written about the direction of No Country for Old Men, the actual screenplay of the film, and even the length of some of the scenes, but today wanted to go over the process of adapting the Cormac McCarthy book.

How did the Coen brothers tackle the project and make it into a modern classic? Check out this video essay from Behind the Curtain and find out.

Learn how the Coen Bros. Wrote No Country for Old Men

Writing an adapted screenplay is not as easy as some people make it out to be. You have to find the essence of the project from the book and then also make the story feel contemporary for audiences today.

They can be thankless endeavors, as book fans blame you for leaving things out and new fans call you obtuse.

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