How to Fake Temperature with These Lighting Tricks

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You don’t need to shoot in the bitter cold of the Arctic or the searing heat of Death Valley. All you need is lighting.

Temperature… it’s may not be something you’re thinking much about as a filmmaker outside of deciding whether to bring a big puffy jacket to set.

But sometimes, it plays a major role in your film, whether your scene takes place on the top of Mount Everest or along the rim of Mauna Loa. And since James Cameron has yet to come up with the technology that allows to actually feel temperature, you’re going to have to fake it.

How do you do that? Lighting. Check out this video from Aputure to learn more.

One concept that all beginner filmmakers should learn right out of the gate is that lighting doesn’t just illuminate your scene, it also changes the way your audience views it. In the same way you can make a scene look “happy”, “scary”, “dream-like”, or “depressing”, you can make a scene look “hot” or “cold”.

You just need to know how to employ a few simple lighting techniques.

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