How to Nail Your Soundtrack Like Director Jean-Marc Vallée

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The right needle drop can set the mood for any scene. Here’s how one famous director does it so well.

Jean-Marc Vallée knows how to make a scene memorable. Through his work in TV and film, he has become one of the most vocal directors with his distinct point of view, always making sure the audience feels the story beats.

Aside from great writing, he uses music to help bolster these scenes.

The needle drops in his work always feel like they perfectly capture the mood. From title sequence in Big Little Lies to the headphone montages in Demolition, he gets things right over and over.

But how does he strategize these picks?

And how can you emulate him?

Check out this video from Creative Principles and let’s talk after the jump.

How Does Jean-Marc Vallée Pick Music For His Films?

Authorial intention is a hard thing to balance. You don’t want to bang the audience over the head with your theme or message, but you also don’t want it to get lost in the sauce.

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