NAB-AT-HOME 2020: Is Now Free

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We all may have dived down the inter-web wormhole to find that elusive cinema lens—a time-consuming process. With, inter-web lens hunting becomes a whole lot easier. is a gear specific website for photographers, cinematographers, and anyone looking to buy or sell new, used, vintage and boutique lenses, cameras, and

Lensfinder wants the buying and selling of quality lenses and cameras to be easy and affordable. The big news from Ryan Avery of surrounds the fees. Usually, eBay and other eCommerce sites charge a small fee when selling an item. Lensfinder no longer

a listing fee or any fee on an item sold or bought. is free. Yes, free. FREE. F.R.E.E, free.

Now, understand standard PayPal fees do apply if you use PayPal checkout option built into If you want to arrange payment in person with a buyer, be safe first, but that is free, too, obviously.

Why turn to over sites like eBay? Well, is dedicated to the selling and buying of cinema lenses, cameras, and filters. eBay can be a wild free for all of a marketplace with such an expansive selection of products for sale, finding what you want can become difficult. hopes to streamline and speed up your lens hunts.

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