Panasonic S1H RAW Video Output Delayed, Firmware 2.0 Still Coming

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With this delayed firmware update, Atomos and Panasonic have pushed back the expected release date for a much-anticipated feature. However, fear not – many other features are still running on schedule. Read on for more!

Panasonic S1H and Atomos Ninja V. Image source: Panasonic

What Caused the Delay?

Last month, Panasonic announced that one long-teased feature – 5.9k RAW video over HDMI – would be coming on May 25th. The feature was to be paired with the Atomos Ninja V, a mid-sized monitor/recorder retailing for $500. Today, they have jointly announced that this project has been delayed.

Panasonic had

intended for this feature to headline the release of firmware version 2.0 for the the flagship S1H, and when it was announced it certainly created a lot of buzz. You can read our previous coverage for more information if you already are an owner, plan to purchase or rent, or just like to drool. However, “due to technical issues yet to be resolved” that were discovered during beta testing, RAW recording is on hold, temporarily. A new release date has not been set, but the rest of the non-delayed firmware version 2.0 will still be released on schedule. Atomos has said that it will follow Panasonic’s lead and honor their development timeline.

Panasonic S1H (Image  credit: cinema5D)

What’s Still In Firmware V2.0

As a reminder, here are a few other features you can still expect if you update on the 25th:

  • Downconverted output over HDMI during [6K]/[5.9K]/[5.4K] video recording is available.
  • In Creative Video mode, it is possible to disable the operation of starting/stopping video recording by pressing a shutter button.
  • In Creative Video mode, it is possible to set [Rec Quality(My List)] from the control panel.
  • The value of noise reduction in [V-Log] in Photo Style has been expanded to [-1]. It suppress afterimages previously occurred in some situations.
  • It is possible to prevent the enlarged view window of MF Assist to be output over HDMI.
  • There were cases where color banding appeared in 4:2:0/10-bit video recording in some situations. This bug has been minimized.
  • There were cases where the REC RUN time code did not count up when the video was not recorded on an SD Memory Card but was recorded on an external device over HDMI. This bug has been fixed.

Conclusion: That’s What Beta Testing Is For

While this might be disappointing, I find it reassuring that Panasonic and Atomos are paying attention to the results of their beta tests and working actively to patch them. I would personally rather have a working, polished implementation next month than run the risk of bricking my camera or losing footage over a bug that could have been fixed. Delayed firmware updates aren’t good news on their own, but bugs happen and this shows that Panasonic and Atomos are willing to act responsibly and respectfully. Good move, Panasonic and Atomos!

Has the delay put a kink in your plans to record some 6K RAW? What other features do you still want to see in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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