You Should Stop Debating 8K And Start Embracing It

This post is by Daron James from No Film School

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Will the future of filmmaking leave you behind?

Resolution has been a contentious topic the last two decades. Any mention of Ks and you’re bound to trigger a knee jerk reaction or hear 10 different opinions from 10 different people. That in itself is not a bad thing. But is it time to set differences aside to get ahead of the 8K curve that’s inevitably coming? And to a certain extent, is already here.

As creators, it’s important to educate each other about the significance of high resolution workflows now, so 8K broadcast and televisions do become mainstream, content won’t lag behind. It’s no longer a matter of if, but when.

Now, good content is always going to start with a compelling script. Any camera spec, whether that be sensor size, gamut, color, or resolution, is never going to fix a terrible story.

Historically, the leap from standard definition to high definition was perhaps the biggest change. Then came HD to 4K which was smaller, but in terms of image sharpness, was a vast improvement. Soon it will be 4K to 8K, and so on.

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