Canon C70 Footage Hits the Web. Any Thoughts?

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Check out some C70 reviews and reactions from around the web.

Canon announced its latest cinema camera today, the EOS C70. It’s a fresh take on a dedicated video camera that blends Canon mirrorless features (RF amount, auto ISO, smarter autofocus tracking, smaller form factor) with familiar pro-level features (built-in ND filter, mini XLR inputs, timecode, longer-lasting battery) into one gimbal-friendly 4K DCI-capable camera.

No Film School couldn’t get our hands on a pre-production model from Canon USA, but thankfully, others in the community have and started posting impressions, reviews, and online. Reactions about the release range from being critical to excited, and some, are downright funny.


As you might expect, Canon has released some official footage with the camera, including the short Give This Heart A Pen by DP Jolade Olusanya, along with a BTS companion. It’s a portrait of London-based poet, performer, and author Sophia Thakur. The Olusanya paired the C70 with RF and EF lenses as well as the EF-EOS R 0.71x adapter.

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