Create Smooth Shots With This Clever Walking Technique

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This one time, at band camp…

Shaky footage can be a nightmare in post. No matter how much Warp Stabilizer or processing you add to the footage, it may not be as buttery smooth as you want it. The key to smooth footage is to step up your technique in the field so when you do slide into post, it can be easier to fix if necessary at all.

Operating handheld, we all know the advantages of enabling optical lens stabilization or in-body image camera stabilization – though the latter can the frame – they both help stabilize footage. When combined on systems like a Canon or Sony mirrorless camera, they can offer multiple stops of shake correction. But as a shooter, you shouldn’t rely on those features alone. In fact, you should turn them off and practice your hand placements and walking techniques over and over again. Though IBIS and/or IS helps tremendously, as you incorporate larger rigs and steadicams, you’ll be thankful that you have the proper techniques down as higher-end cameras and lenses may not have those stabilizing features.

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