David Fincher Explained by the People Who Know Him Best

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David Fincher is a perfectionist, but what else do we really know about him?

The Ringer recently declared a “David Fincher Appreciation Week” and released an excellent breakdown of who Fincher really is and what motivates him. I read it and found it to be so enlightening.

As a fan of everything he’s done, I often find myself searching for who he is in his work and what he wants us to know. But usually, I am left without answers. Now, we have some from some of his friends and from who know all about him.

I wanted to pull a few quotes from the article and look at them here.

So let’s get started!

Unpacking David Fincher From the People Who Know Him Best

We all know the stories. How Fincher thinks about every detail and every element. Well, they’re mostly true. Michael Alan Kahn worked as David Fincher’s first assistant director. Here’s some stuff he said that supports the legend.

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