Exercises to Improve Your Wildlife Photography

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Wildlife photography is one of those genres where the window for mistakes is extremely small. A missed chance can turn out to be an expensive ordeal, as opportunities do not present themselves that often. Keeping a close eye on your subject thus becomes very important. In today’s video, wildlife photographer Morten Hilmer shares two of his favorite exercises that’ll help ensure that you never lose sight of your wildlife subject:

First, it is essential that you get to know the equipment that you’re using. You cannot get lost fiddling with camera buttons and menu options when your subject is in

of you. Your fingers need to know where all the buttons are without your brain even needing to think about it. Developing muscle memory is key. This is why it’s recommended that you thoroughly go through your camera manual and spend time getting to know the camera better. Like Hilmer demonstrates in the video, you can even practice operating the camera with your eyes closed to develop greater confidence.

Have you realized how difficult it can be to frame your subject quickly when using a long focal length? We’ve all been there. And when this happens, chances are high that the subject or the moment will be gone by the time you perfect your composition. If this has happened to you, be sure to watch the full video above and try the technique Hilmer demonstrates. As he shares, he learned the technique while in the military, and it lets you quickly lock your focus right on the target.

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