Have You Seen ‘Tenet’ Yet? Did You Have An Issue Hearing Anything?

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A Christopher Nolan fan discusses the arc of the director’s sound design choices.

If you haven’t seen Tenet, here’s your spoiler alert.

The Dark Knight may be looked at as the best superhero film ever made, but is it Nolan’s best film? Fans of his work will note the character complexities of Memento, the puzzling layers of Inception, and even the magically crafted story behind The Prestige. With The Dark Knight Rises, Nolan starting experimenting in the way he approached sound. For some, it was downright hard to what was being said by the villain Bane. So before the final release, the film was remixed for clarity.

But that didn’t stop Nolan from continuing to try new things with the auditory palette of his movies. As storytellers ourselves, we don’t blame him as it’s important to grow and experiment in your craft.

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