Hell Yeah! ARRI Makes Its Signature Zooms Official

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ARRI has announced its rumored Signature Zooms and they look awesome.

It didn’t take long to put two and two together when ARRI rolled out its Signature Prime lenses that zoom options would soon follow. Today, ARRI has announced 4 new Signature Zoom lenses alongside a 1.7x extender. Tasty. As one might imagine, the Signature Zooms have been designed to match the image characteristics and quality of the Signature Primes. Let’s focus on what these lenses offer.

Signature Zooms

  • 16-32mm T2.8
  • 24-75mm T2.8
  • 45-135mm T2.8
  • T2.8
  • 1.7x extender

The ARRI Signature Zoom lenses have a 46mm image circle just like their prime counterparts and are capable of covering the ARRI LF sensor, RED VistaVision, Sony VENICE, or any Super 35 camera. What’s nice is the fast T2.8 aperture is consistent across each zoom and they’ve been designed to reconcile 8K resolution and HDR workflows.

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