Learn How to Tackle Storyboarding With These Invaluable Tips

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You don’t need to be an artist to storyboard.

The more time you spend in preproduction the better off your film will be when it comes time to shoot. Storyboards may feel like a luxury to the independent filmmaker, but there are reasons why you should take the time to do them. They not only help you conceptualize the film by connecting the script to the visuals that will appear on screen but they also allow the crew to interpret your vision without it getting misconstrued. Remember the game telephone? It happens on sets all time. “Oh, that’s what you consider a wide shot.”

Not all storyboards need to be glamorous. Stick figures and simple shapes can get ideas across just as well as professional storyboards. We’ve covered tips on how to make them, shared some cool templates, and highlighted one of our favorite storyboarding apps (some free), but when it comes to the Xs and Os of storyboards, Kris Truini of Kriscoart has some knowledge you should definitely check out.

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