Netflix Cancels Another Show After Only 2 Seasons. Why?

This post is by Jason Hellerman from No Film School

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If your favorite show was canceled by Netflix after only 2 seasons, you’re not alone.

If you’re a fan of Netflix, it’s probably because it’s constantly dropping new series for you to enjoy. But one of the problems many people have with the streaming service is that shows don’t usually last longer than 2 seasons. In fact, unless they are a breakout hit like Stranger Things, you can almost assume the second season will be the last.


Although Netflix doesn’t release data the way network cable companies do, it has its own internal evaluation system for what shows are worth the time, effort, and money it puts into the making of new seasons.

A letter sent to the House of Lords Communications and Digital Select Committee detailed how Netflix decides on what metrics to use when evaluating new seasons. They landed on 3 main reasons Netflix extends shows.

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