No Photographer Can Satisfy Every Critic

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In life, we always come across people who offer unsolicited advice. Some of these people are genuinely knowledgeable and wish the best for us, while many simply want to say something for the sake of making themselves heard. It’s never possible to please everyone. The same rule applies to photography. Your well-wishers who have greater experience will make comments with the hope of making you a better photographer, while others will lurk around for an opportunity to troll and distract you. In today’s video, photographer Thomas Heaton goes through some of the comments he received on his recent work from

. And as expected, some are positive, some are inquisitive and some are not happy with Heaton’s work:

Remember: photography is subjective. What looks good to you may not appeal to others, and vice versa This is why satisfying everyone in photography is an impossible task. Nor should this be your objective: if you want everyone around you to like your work and only say good things about it, then you’re in for a career of disappointment.

And remember, negative reviews and comments are not always purely bad. Sometimes, these critics will be onto something. Nobody is perfect. But the tricky part can be to separate the useful negative comments from the useless trolls. Don’t get demoralized by them. Learn to ignore them and keep improving yourself by practicing the useful feedback that you get.

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