Panasonic announces new Full Frame DC-S5 Camera

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I’ve always loved the image quality and Dual ISO capabilities from the Panasonic GH5s and I still use it actively to this day. I shoot V-LOG exclusively as I personally favor Pansonic’s VLOG over SLOG from my Sony A7R3. But the few things I wished it had was slightly better autofocus, in-body image-stabilization, and more of a full frame look. When Panasonic finally announced the S1H full frame, I loved all the features of this camera, but the body was much bigger and heavier than the GH5s. The price of the S1H body alone was pretty expensive and it would require me to purchase a whole new set of lenses (L mount). At the time of that announcement, there was a limited amount of lenses, hence I didn’t go that route.

Today, Panasonic announced the new S5. The body is as small (or smaller) than the GH5s, but like the S1H is full frame. The camera also has in-body image stabilization and still provides that lovely flip out LCD screen, Dual ISO, and the VLOG profile that I love to shoot in from my GH5s. The body is priced at under $2K and with a growing line of available third party lenses for L Mount, it’s more affordable now to add new lenses. The new Panasonic S5 for me ticks off a lot of boxes, and adds pretty much everything I felt was missing from my GH5s. I’m excited to be adding this camera to my workflow!

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