The Ending of ‘Tenet’ Explained (Kind Of)

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Christopher Nolan likes to ask the big questions. But when it comes to Tenet, he left us with a few as well…

This article is a massive spoiler for Tenet so proceed at your own risk. But to understand the risk you’re taking, you’re going to need this article. I saw Tenet last week and while the set-piece and cinematography are fun, the story leaves you in the dark. A lot.

Like there were a ton of times I was so lost I just had to power through into the scene and hope I could fill in the blanks later.

So, let’s go through Tenet and try to answer those unexplained questions the best we can.

Dissecting the plot of Tenet

Tenet is about a war with the future and the past. Basically we are trying to stop the present from being nuked from the future—but it’s not a real nuke. It’s a series of 9 cubes that when put together will reverse the entropy of time. This weapon is called the algorithm.

I told you it was hard to follow!

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