Wait, the Snyder Cut Reshoots Cost How Much!?

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I thought the Snyder Cut was just going to be an assembly…why are they doing reshoots?

People online have been yelling about the Snyder Cut since the original Justice League entered theaters. they felt cheated out of a movie we were told was there. One that was left on the cutting room floor. Even up until last month, when we saw the trailer at Comic-Con, the idea was this cut was being edited.

But now the entire Justice League cast, minus Henry Cavill, has gathered for reshoots that, accord to Wrap, is costing around 70 million additional dollars.

That’s a hefty price tag for a movie debuting on HBO Max that was already shot and released in theaters.

Initial reporting said that no additional filming would occur and new material would largely consist of special effects work, but that clearly has changed.

This is also happening amidst claims from Ray Fisher that Joss Whedon was engaged in abuse during his Snyder reshoots for the initial movie. Fisher also claimed that executives Jon Berg and Geoff Johns, who both have since left the studio, enabled Whedon’s behavior.

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