Why is Christopher Nolan so Obsessed with Time?

This post is by Jason Hellerman from No Film School

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Time is a ubiquitous Nolan theme.

To say Christopher Nolan is obsessed with time is to say dogs are obsessed with bones. They’re universally accepted facts that each involve a singular party chasing something for their entire existence.

Nolan is a blockbuster filmmaker. The movies he makes are big, loud, and challenging. It’s what makes him so admirable and ambitious. But it is interesting to me that he has spent his entire career talking to us about our time and how we use it.

Certainly, the time spend in the theater he works to make sure it’s worth it.

But his stories are about how we measure time, relate to it, and how time can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on who wields it.

CineFix digs into Nolan’s love affair with time in the video essay below, so check it out and let’s talk after the jump!

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