Helping others = helping yourself [add this to your playbook]

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Fact: creativity is a team sport. Yes, the actual act of making the work is sometimes a solo activity (drawing, writing, editing a film, etc) but the real driving force behind every creative pro is their community: their clients, collaborators, peers and the rest of the humans in the complex web of symbiotic relationships that give us inspiration, support and (ultimately) an income. Creativity cannot live in a vacuum. We depend on each other, like the members of any other ecosystem. And therefore – somewhat paradoxically – the best thing you can do to help yourself is to help your

. Time invested in this is all but guaranteed to jumpstart your career and lay the foundation for some big moves in the years to come– it’s the foundation upon which I built my own career and one that’s launched countless careers before and after my own. The basic idea is incredibly simple: selflessly help others (in particular your peers) achieve their goals, and you’ll achieve your own goals, right alongside them. There are some important nuances to discover, but the fundamental concept is as simple as that. Listen to the Podcast SOME BACKSTORY + HOW THIS PUT ME ON […]

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