My Daily Gratitude Practice

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As you probably know, I’m a huge believer that so much of ‘THE GAME’ is mental. Stress, fear, anxiety, and our natural negativity bias is always ready beat us down. One of the most powerful tools in my toolbox to harness positivity in a seemingly tough situation is a daily gratitude practice.  As we head into Thanksgiving here in the states, in the middle of a pandemic and everything else, I wanted to dig into the archives and re-share my personal practice. In this episode I share the exact practice I use every morning to re-center my mindset. Join

if you’re curious, and use it to jump start your own. If you’d like to fast forward directly to my guided practice, skip to about 7 minutes into the episode. Enjoy! Listen to the Podcast Subscribe   This podcast is brought to you by CreativeLive. CreativeLive is the world’s largest hub for online creative education in photo/video, art/design, music/audio, craft/maker, money/life and the ability to make a living in any of those disciplines. They are high quality, highly curated classes taught by the world’s top experts — Pulitzer, Oscar, Grammy Award winners, New York Times best selling authors and the best entrepreneurs […]

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