Hard Work Over Talent

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“If I’m going to be in this industry, I’m going to want to be the best at it. And yet I couldn’t guarantee is that I was going to be the most talented in this business. But one thing I could guarantee is that I was going to work harder than anyone else.” -David Droga, Founder of droga5 Agency Creative talent has always been a wispy thing. If you have more than a lion’s share, it doesn’t guarantee success. And conversely, if you have only a little talent, you still have a chance to stand out. The equalizer? Working

ass off. That way, whatever talent you’ve got under the hood will be amplified and you’ll at least have a well-earned chance at success. Hard work is where the rubber meets the road. If you’re a professional creative, then working hard and being good at your job is the price of admission. It’s not bragging rights. We don’t hear PGA golfer Phil Mickelson telling the press how hard he works. Instead, he wakes up every morning and practices. And then, on game day, come rain or shine, in front of 10 people or 10 million people and hits the ball […]

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