New KelbyOne Course: Speed-Learning Advice for Making Awesome Images

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New KelbyOne Course: Speed-learning Advice for Making Awesome Images with Rick Sammon

Get ready to have fun and learn a lot with Rick Sammon! Join Rick for his 20th class on KelbyOne and learn the origin of Sammonisms; those easy to remember photo tips that he is so well known for sharing. Rick has a gift for distilling these important points down into bite size chunks that are easy to remember when you’re out in the field doing what you love. Get comfortable, and be sure to download the PDF he provided so you won’t even have to take .

In Case You Missed It: Improving your Creative Vision by Getting it Right in Camera

Learn how to improve your creative vision by mastering techniques to nail your in-camera exposure. Join Rick Sammon for an incredibly comprehensive class where you’ll learn about important camera settings, the exposure triangle, exposure compensation, white balance, the histogram, qualities of light, exposing for flash, creating compelling HDR, and so much more. Rick draws on decades of experience using an incredible diversity of visual examples to illustrate these important concepts, and all along the way sharing the tips, tricks, and easy to remember sayings that will help you incorporate what you’ve learned into your photographic style.

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