Overcome Creative Obstacles

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One of the most popular questions I get is how to overcome the creative obstacles that are in the world. Whether they are out there, or within us, we’ve told ourselves a bunch of stories of why we can’t create. I thought it would be very helpful, based on listener requests, to do an episode on creative obstacles. When you’re feeling stuck, recognize you’re not waiting to be able to create, you’re waiting to FEEL LIKE creating. That’s a very different thing. The trap is that we often don’t feel like creating until we’re well under way. If you wait

the feeling to come before you start, you’re going to be sitting there waiting. So when I look to figure out what is actually blocking me from creating, I think about these three things: Am I waiting for someday or that perfect moment? how can I start now? what’s one thing I can do to move me forward? Where is my time going? How can I structure my time such that realign schedule with my ambitions and values How can I work in microbursts and reset my expectations on what I can create in a given moment. Ready to […]

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