Can You Build an Artificial Sun for Your Next Film Shoot?

This post is by Charles Haine from No Film School

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Every filmmaker wants to create realistic sunlight effects on their projects. Does this YouTuber have the answer?

Creating a realistic sunlight effect on a budget is the dream of many independent filmmakers. While there are powerful units like 12K HMI’s that larger productions use to mimic sunlight, they require a truck, a generator, and a crew, and even then don’t always perfectly create that special feeling of daylight.

This YouTuber, DIY Perks, has laid out a (somewhat) affordable system for creating exceptionally realistic daylight. Intended for a winter mood lift, he this might also work for filmmakers. Will it? Let’s find out.

First off, what he is proposing is broken into a few key steps.

1. Source a parabolic dish and line it with reflective tape.

So, the first step is to acquire a parabolic dish. This seems hard, but it really isn’t; basically, every satellite dish in the history of satellite TV will work.

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