Did Scar Eat Mufasa’s Dead Body and Then Keep His Bones for Toys?

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It turns out The Lion King was pretty brutal.

I feel like we all know the story, so I’ll cut to the chase.

In Disney’s animated film The Lion King, Scar wants the crown, so he sets Mufasa up. He has Simba almost trampled by wildebeests, Mufasa jumps into action to save his kid, and when Mufasa climbs up the side of the mountain and asks Scar to save him, Scar tosses Mufasa off the ledge.

Mufasa dies, and Simba runs away to the jungle after botched assassination attempt by the hyenas.

That sequence has haunted most of my generation.

Of course, it’s also one of Disney’s proudest moments. The Lion King is Shakespeare. This is when the movie went full Hamlet, and I think it made people take their animation more seriously.

And that wasn’t the only nod to the play, there’s this image where Scar talks to a skull, which is right out of the Danish Prince’s playbook.

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