Everything You Need to Know About Editing in FCPX

This post is by Michael Yanovich from No Film School

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FCP X is underrated, and it shouldn’t be. Learn how and why the NLE can be your go-to software.

Both Mike Matzdorff and I are professional career editors who work on multiple edit systems. We’ve realized that most NLEs are variations on a theme—source clips, tracks, insert, and overwrite. Final Cut Pro X stands alone with a truly unique approach to editing including its ability to cut with no tracks and a magnetic timeline. This results in a vastly different and more efficient editing workflow with significant advantages, if you learn the ropes.

This new approach has an unlearning curve for all that knowledge you spent years acquiring. So we’ve teamed up to create a series aimed at editors who are interested in learning what sets Final Cut Pro X apart from the pack.

Work your way through each video for a firm grasp of FCP’s workflow, or jump directly to the timeline crash course if that better matches your learning style.

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