Godox V1 Pro rumored with a built-in cooling fan

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Godox is rumored to release an upgraded V1 Pro round-head flashgun that will have built-in active cooling (successor for the current Godox V1 model):

“The successor, called the Godox V1pro (or V1 Pro), will have a similar circular zoom head, designed to give a more pleasing light pattern compared to rectangular flashguns, and able to mount colour filters and accessories magnetically.┬áThe key change will be an active cooling fan, built into the head, to mitigate overheating during long or intense photoshoots. The original V1, which is not actively cooled, faced criticism for its overheating protection, which originally caused the flash to cut out after a rapid series of shots, forcing photographers to wait for the unit to cool down before resuming operation. A firmware update changed this behaviour so that it just slowed down the recycle time as the device warmed up.”

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