Photography Weather Conditions: To Go or Not to Go

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Have you had one of those moments when one part of your brain tells you to stay inside while the other part persistently tries to push and shove you out the front door? Well, we all experience mixed feelings when we’re in an intense fight with ourselves. For every time that we do head out to make images, there is at least one when we talk ourselves out of it. Josh Cripps from Pro Photo Tips explains:

Let’s face it, our time is invaluable. It is the one commodity that we all have a huge shortage of. There are a million things you could

life lessons in photography
Josh Cripps shares life lessons in photography

be doing if you’re not shooting—or maybe reading this. Certainly, the last thing you want to do is fritter away your precious idle time on some wild goose (or light) chase.

That’s when your conscious mind starts to ask your subconscious inner mind a whole lot of nasty questions. How are the clouds looking? How’s the light? What’s the forecast?

As it turns out, in most cases these questions aren’t about preparation. They’re just your brain trying to talk you out of shooting.

life lessons in photography

A shot made possible by Cripps’ persistence

In other words, these thoughts and questions are an attempt to dissuade you from going out and shooting in the first place.

Experience, however, tells a different story. It’s difficult, even impossible, to predict light conditions; it’s better to just go out and shoot and hope for the best.

Josh Cripps shares life lessons in photography

Don’t talk yourself out of a photo opportunity.

To summarize, here’s an easy way to tell if something is worth doing: just do it!

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