Why Everyone Hates Your Short (Or Awkwardly Pretends They Haven’t Seen It)

This post is by Oakley Anderson-Moore from No Film School

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Being short doesn’t make them easy. Here are five classic mistakes that could be ruining your short film, and how to fix them.

You share your short film with your nearest and dearest, giddily sending out password-protected links and waiting for your inbox to overflow with feedback.

What do you get instead? “Interesting.” Or worse, “It looked cool.” Worst of all, radio silence, followed by prompting and some version of, “I haven’t watched it yet.”

To be fair, that last one might actually be true, everybody is overloaded with screentime these days. But it’s also one of those things people will say instead of what they really think: your short film stinks.

That’s actually a little harsh, because filmmakers should stop shelving films into “good” or “bad.” But for the sake of this article and making your short films better, script whisperer and resident Youtube babyface Tyler Mowery has a few things in mind to help. Watch his video and read our breakdown below.

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