Pro Media Tools 2.1 – M1 / Big Sur support, Video Check audio file scanning, lots of QT Edit improvements and more

This post is by Alex Baker from Digital Rebellion Blog

Pro Media Tools 2.1 is an important new update to our suite of media management tools.

M1 Mac and Big Sur support

The suite natively supports Apple Silicon processors and works well on macOS 11 Big Sur.

Auto Transfer

Our camera offloading tool, Auto Transfer, has had a UI refresh with new icons that look better on Retina displays, as well as a lot of small tweaks to improve the intuitiveness and usability of the software.

Edit Detector

Edit Detector can now export each shot to a separate QuickTime reference movie, meaning that you can have applications see each shot as a separate file without taking up a lot of disk space.

QT Edit

QT Edit received a lot of bug fixes and polish in this release, particularly around metadata handling.

We also added a new “Use gamma value” option when specifying a Color attribute manually, which takes the transfer function directly from the Gamma attribute. In other words, if someone asks you for a movie tagged with 1-2-1 color, this is how to achieve that.

Video Check

Video Check can now open audio-only files and check them for peaks (previously only video files could be opened).

Pro Media Tools is an essential toolkit for media professionals. To find out more, view the feature list, read the user manual or download the free 15-day trial.