Stackable Travel Friendly 3pcs LED Light Kit – CAME-TV P1200R

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A few months ago, CAME-TV released the P1200, a set of medium sized Soft RGBDT LED Light Panels. One innovative feature with these lights are that they stack on top of each other, making it easy to pack into a case. They even offer the P1200 kit with custom cut foam that simply drops into your own
Pelican 1510 or the new
Pelican Air 1535.

The foam even includes enough room to fit 3 compact v-mount batteries, and the clever folding Yoke design keeps the panel compact so that you can even throw a couple in a backpack if you needed.

Unlike smaller LED panels that only work on sony batteries which you tend to have to switch out every so often, the P1200 runs off V-mount batteries. I prefer v-mount batteries (even the compact models) over
sony NPF batteries as they have a longer runtime, so I don’t need to worry about a light turning off in the middle of an interview. The smd mounted led bulbs behind a permanent soft diffusion panel make it perfect to add broad soft lighting, but of course there are times where I throw one or two of them behind a scrim if I need extra diffusion and a larger light source. But as you can see in this demo below, Film Riot was successfully able to use Green light and key out a small backdrop.

Aside from using them for talking head interviews, product shots, and food shots, you can quickly enable any RGB color in the P1200R to use for ambient lighting and to add color to any scene. The lights are just as featured as some of CAME-TV’s larger panels which include wireless controls built in (use a smartphone app or a handheld controller). There are various lighting effects built in such as Police, Bonfire, and Lightning which can add elements to a scene when you’re trying to fake a subject watching tv for example.

Another review that explains some of the features of the P1200R by INGAF.

As most people do, I own a variety of different lights for different purposes. But after a few months of owning the P1200 set, I find this kit travels with me to every project whether I plan to use them or not. It just stacks nicely on my gear cart, and being medium sized offers enough punch and features for a lot of run-gun situations. If you’re looking for a not-too-small not-too-large led kit, I recommend checking out some of what the P1200R offers (found here).

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