Recent updates – August 2021

This post is by Alex Baker from Digital Rebellion Blog

In case you missed it, here are some recent software updates for our products.

Pro Media Tools 2.1.2Aug 6 2021

  • QT Edit – Show number of channels for audio tracks in Info pane
  • QT Edit – Fixed an issue where audio tracks would be incorrectly listed as multi-channel
  • QT Edit – Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking on a track
  • QT Edit – Fixed an issue where the progress bar may not show progress when saving large files
  • QT Edit – Fixed an issue where the preview movie wouldn’t update when enabling or disabling tracks
  • QT Edit – Fixed an issue where updating a track’s metadata may update metadata for the main movie instead
  • Minor bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations

Kollaborate Server 3.5.1Jul 26 2021

  • Player – More options for entering timecode including missing out the colons or using “.” to mean “00”
  • Player – Added up/down arrow key shortcuts to move between markers
  • Player – Show comment side bar when pressing the M key in full screen mode
  • Share – Added option to reset view / download / upload count
  • Share – Added option to show list of other recipients when emailing out links
  • Comments – Fixed an issue that could cause comments to be incorrectly ordered
  • Files – Fixed an issue where you can’t search for more than one tag
  • Files – Don’t show deleted files in file browser
  • Files – Fixed an issue with dropdown menu not being removed properly, causing menu clicks to not work the second time
  • Files – Prevent deselection of file when clicking dropdown
  • Files – Down arrow with no files selected now selects first non-dept file
  • Player – Make marker bar appear in full screen
  • Player – Fixed an issue where user couldn’t go to prev comment if the playhead was beyond the last comment
  • Player – Improved the reliability of displaying annotations
  • Player – Release focus on comment box when it is hidden in full screen
  • Share – Allow tables to scroll horizontally on mobile
  • Share – Disable context menu over text fields
  • Tasks – Fixed broken status icons in various circumstances
  • Adobe Panel – Markers are now clamped to frame start position
  • Adobe Panel – Fixed markers being out of range when importing from a non-video or audio file
  • UI – Fixed extreme table header wrapping on mobile if the column is very narrow
  • Upload – Fixed an issue where logged in users couldn’t upload to file request links
  • Database Export – Better memory usage for large databases
  • Performance improvements
  • Several crash / exception fixes
  • Continued work on transitioning over to our new backend
  • Various small tweaks, fixes and optimizations

Pro Media Tools 2.1.1Jul 7 2021

  • Edit Detector – Performance improvements
  • Edit Detector – Fixed issue where exported clips may not have timecode tracks
  • Edit Detector – Fixed issue where frame data could become corrupt
  • Timeline Tricks – FCP 7 sequence XML can be used instead of the entire project
  • QT Edit – Fixed an issue where importing audio tracks from another movie may not work correctly
  • General bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations