I bought the cheapest camera I could find! – Any good?

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This is not a review of a specific camera model. This is a video about not needing the latest and greatest gear. You hear me say it over and over, “Gear doesn’t matter!”. Any old camera will do the job as long as YOU know how to do the job.

And yes, I paid even less for my full frame Canon 5D and Sigma DP1. But that’s not the point. The difference between those cameras, this and all the others Ive tested is rather negligible. All of them can deliver nice looking images. The rest is up to me.

But the main point is for people contacting me after every cheap camera review I make, complaining that they can’t find one. When in fact.. what for it… it doesn’t matter.
The point of my old camera reviews and 5 reasons videos is to show that they are all good. You can’t go wrong. This camera is the oldest “amateur” camera they ever made. So if you can’t find one, buy what you can find. If its made in the last 20 years you will be fine.