What are the 7 Hardest Types of Photography?

This post is by Sharky James from Photodoto

As you all know, there are many types of photography. Different genres of photography come with different challenges. So, as a photographer, before taking on any type of photography, you must know the different challenges posed by each of these types.

camera over waterfall

In this article, I will share the 7 hardest types of photography and the different challenges that make each of these photography genres hard for the photographers.

The hardest types of photography are wildlife photography, underwater photography, extreme adventure photography, macro photography, astrophotography and film photography. 

The challenges faced by a wildlife photographer will be completely different from that of an underwater photographer.

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is one of the hardest photography genres. When it comes to photographing wildlife, you will be dealing with animals. You can’t ask them to pose for you. As a photographer, you need to have a good understanding of animal behaviour. It is essential to know the right camera settings to photograph animals.

deer breath in cold

You will not have any control over the lighting when you are shooting wildlife. You are fully dependent on the sunlight for your shoots. As a wildlife photographer with ethics, you won’t be able to use artificial lights to light up your scene. The artificial lights can distract the animals and if you use them then it can compromise your safety also. If the Sun is behind the subject, then you need to move your safari vehicle and position it in such a way that the light is in your favour.

You don’t get the luxury of positioning your subject in the desired part of the frame. When the animal is on the move, then you need to time your shots to get them in the position of your choice. So, you must be very fast with your camera …