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In this video I compare a couple of 40(ish) mm pocketable camera options. There are hundreds more out there to choose from. I picked these because it gives a wide spread between older and newer as well as cheaper and more expensive models.

Want to help?

If you enjoyed this video, consider contributing to help the people of Ukraine. There are two very simple ways you can help:

1 Spread the word!

Countries all around the globe are uniting against the war but the people who can really make a difference are the Russian people. Unfortunately most of them don’t have access to news and in general they don’t believe the war even exist. 
Many economic refugees arriving in Scandinavia are baffled when they first hear about the war. It’s s a North Korean state of information in their homeland.

An easy way to combat it is to follow some of the many photographers still working and posting to Instagram from Ukraine. Share their work in your stories so they get as much spread as possible.

2. Donate money

One single dollar is better than 0. I get that not everyone has money to spare, but many do. So consider giving a couple of bucks to one of the major organisations like Save the Children, The Red Cross or any other charity of your choice.

PS. Be very aware of disinformation and propaganda. It is by far the most used weapon of any modern war. Make sure you use reliable sources.  When you come across bots and trolls, report and block.
Classic ways of identifying them are for example new accounts, ”whataboutism”, and trying to discredit legitimate sources as fake. For more information you can visit: