A TikTok photographer shot both sides of a roll of film, with otherworldly results

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film photograph of a white crocus using the expose both sides technique
“This white crocus over the fence and tree silhouette pretty much nailed the effect I was going for. It’s simple, striking, and I love it”. Evan Purney

With the ever-increasing price of film these days, “experimenting” sounds like a scary, money-draining concept. If your endeavor doesn’t turn out, well, the party’s over—and your wallet is a little emptier than when you started. However, one photographer is making experimentation his signature style—and TikTok is loving the crazy results. 

EBS: Expose both sides

Evan Purney, who goes by @ameyecool on Instagram and TikTok, uses a technique known as EBS, or Expose Both Sides, to create otherworldly photographs. EBS is exactly what it sounds like: A photographer will shoot the roll of film on both the base and emulsion sides, producing double exposures with a Martian-red tint. 

“These are basically just double exposures, so a lot of the same tips apply,” Purney explains of the method. “In general, the first image will fill the shadows of the second image. To get the look I got in a lot of my photos, I illuminated the subject with a flashlight and metered for the highlights on the ‘regular’ side. This basically turned the whole background into fairly dense shadows, which lets the red-scale image fill it in.” 

A TikTok photographer shot both sides of a roll of film, with otherworldly results
“This was probably my favorite off the first roll. Even though the effect wasn’t super pronounced, it really got me thinking about how I could adjust my settings for the next attempt. I also love the outfit Kelsey wore for this shoot and I feel if the effect was more noticeable, the pictures could have been unreal.” Evan Purney

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