Apple’s Self Service Repair website is now live in the US, lets you purchase genuine iPhone parts for DIY repairs

Last November, Apple announced it was working to open up a self repair program that allows consumers to purchase parts and tools to fix their own devices, along with manuals to help walk users through the steps. Now, the program is live and ready for consumers who would like to save some money by fixing their own iPhones instead of going into an Apple Store or third-party repair shop.

At launch, Apple’s Self Service Repair is limited to the United States, but APple says it will expand to additional countries, beginning in Europe, ‘later this year.’ Through the Self Service Repair Store, consumers can purchase genuine Apple components for iPhone 12, 13 and the latest SE model (3rd generation), as well as the tools required to make the repairs.

This includes components such as the display, battery and camera. Apple says every component available to purchase is up to the exact standards and selling at the same price as the components available to Apple’s network of authorized repair providers. Later this year, Apple says it will also include manuals, parts and tools required to repair Mac computers with Apple silicon. For those that don’t want to purchase the tools, Apple is also offering weekly tool rental kits for $49.

You can check out the new Self Service Repair website and read Apple’s accompanying ‘Expanding Access to Safe, Reliable, and Secure Service and Repair’ white paper, which highlights how Apple is approaching is working to design longer-lasting products with increased access for DIY repairs.