Atomos May Put Broadcasters Out of Business After Showcasing Cloud Studio at NAB 2022

This post is by Andrew Waite from No Film School

Atomos is previewing Cloud Studio, a new cloud-based workflow for livestreamers, filmmakers, and content creators, at NAB 2022.

The partnership between Atomos and Mavis has allowed high-end production, including livestreaming and multi-cam, to be done affordably and from anywhere on earth. It has also resulted in Mavis Pro Camera, an iOS app with 4K, 10-bit, HDR video capture, and plenty of other features and professional controls, including waveforms, anamorphic conversion, false color, and frame guides.

Atomos Cloud Studio will include three cloud-based instant video and live stream services, Atomos Capture to Cloud, Atomos Live Production, and Atomos Stream.

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