Edelkrone’s $999 JibONE v2 is small enough to fit in a backpack and more capable than ever

Edelkrone has announced the JibONE v2, an updated version of its original JibONE that is more compact than its predecessor while offering a collection of new and improved features.

As its name suggests, the JibONE is a motorized rigging tool that offers jib movements for attached cameras. Through an accompanying app, the rig can be pre-programmed to make smooth, custom movements that can be further accentuated with other motorized tools from Edelkrone.

This second-generation version keeps all of the features found in the original JibONE, but now offers improved wireless connectivity, an updated OLED display and better power management. It also comes in a much smaller form factor, with the ‘v2’ version being able to shrink down to just 61cm (24”) long when not in use. Despite its compact form factor, the JibONE offers up to 50cm (1.64’) of camera travel vertical, horizontal and diagonal, and can work with cameras up to 5kg (11lbs).

While you can physically move the JibONE and attached components to certain position to set keyframes for movements, the entire system can also be controlled and programmed using Edelkrone’s accompanying Android and iOS app. There’s also the Edelkrone Controller for those who prefer a dedicated means of positioning the unit and setting keyframes.

The entire JibONE v2 and its accessories (not the tripod) fits inside this backpack.

JibONE v2 also features a more durable head plate for increased strength and now offers a fully wired connection option in addition to the wireless connectivity for those who don’t mind trading a few cables for the sake of reliability.

Although the JibONE will certainly work on its own, it’s designed to be used with Edelkrone’s entire ecosystem, including its HeadONE, HeadPLUS v2 and Pan PRO motorized pan/tilt heads for multi-axis movements. It can also be paired with …