Evolving Pixii Rangefinder Review – Part 2 – Pros & Cons

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To start the review I made this introduction video. Because there isn’t a lot of information about it out there. And many things have been misunderstood in the usual online drama surrounding a camera release. Specially since it’s a bit different.

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Pixii Review Part 2 – Pros & Cons

In the second part I talk about some positives and negatives. Because no camera is perfect. Name any camera and I can point out at least 5 deal breakers. Choosing a camera is about priorities. What features do I want and what flaws can I overlook.

Pixii Rangefinder Review Samples

The color science is very warm and colorful.
This was shot in color. I will dig deeper into the monochrome mode later on.
I love looking at the subject instead of a display or through a lens.